SMEG teams up with D3-Veteran Co & Dominici Templarii

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December 10, 2014
Jeff Hendrick brings Philly to Canada
December 10, 2014
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SALUTE to SavvyMarketing Entertainment Group LLc on teaming with D3-Veteran Co. and Dominici Templarii Navitas, to engage in veterans outreach!! The music and entertainment community has stepped up and supported our veterans community! Special thanks to Mark A Forrest and Savoy Walker!! from Steven Walton….

D-3 Veteran Co. In a collaborative effort with DTN. These Veterans boasts the development of revolutionary, dynamic and comprehensive approaches to, The Veterans Lifestyle Transition Project. These approaches allow for the maximum returns for our contributors whether they are private or institutional supporters. Additionally our project employs innovative options that are avail our supporters to the greatest variety of (financial opportunity credits)

MORE HERE:!devine-veteran-land-acquisition-trust/cl78

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