SMEG Lands “Celebrity Crime Files” Feature!

Marsha Bonner Appears On News Nation w/ Tamron Hall
September 14, 2014
BIG Congrats to Meli’sa Morgan
December 10, 2014
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Join me in sending Congratulations to SavvyMarketing Entertainment Group LLC CEO Savoy Walker, client Marsha R. Bonner and friend/family to SMEG Musa Jackson for being FEATURED INTERVIEWS on the next episode of Celebrity Crime Files: about Lady Gangster “STEPHANIE ST. CLAIR” airing this coming Monday, September 15th at 7:00pm Pacific Standard Time/ 10:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Set your DVR

Stephanie St. Clair was the baddest boss lady in NYC, running a bustling criminal enterprise in the 1920’s and putting the NYPD on blast for extortion and taking bribes. The fiesty and no-nonsense numbers runner from Martinique eventually became the first female kingpin in Harlem. Nicknamed “Madam Queen,” she was beloved in uptown NYC. St. Clair even employed the legendary Bumpy Johnson as her enforcer. Her bloody battle with notorious gangsters like Dutch Schultz over money in the organized crime underworld ended in over 40 murders. Known as a fashion icon who flaunted her wealth and sometimes berated her enemies in French or Spanish, St. Clair remains a fascinating and mysterious female gangster.

savoy and marsha

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