Marsha R. Bonner Is Sharing H.U.G.S Around the World and “Helping Us Grow Spiritually”

Social Activist – Inspirational Speaker – Founder, H.U.G.S. Movement (Helping Us Grow Spiritually)

“No Matter What You Do To Your Life, When The Path Has Already Been Laid, It Does Not Matter What Route You Take To Get There, You Will Get Back On Your Path” ~ Marsha R. Bonner

Marsha R. Bonner is a noted social activist, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and a luminary for change and acceptance. Marsha garnered international acclaim after her appearance on the national ABC television program “What Would You Do?” in an episode titled, “Interracial Couple Faces Criticism.” Marsha’s boldness against bullying and intolerance helped fuel the viral video’s reach to a worldwide audience of over 40 million and counting. The segment is recognized as the Most Watched “What Would You Do?” Episode of All Time. What Marsha did on WWYD makes people say “Thank You” but it’s her life story that will ENCOURAGE and SAVE LIVES.

Marsha grew up in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn and was raised by a loving and caring, God-centered family. Although put on a path designed to allow her to succeed, she chose a different course and endured an embattled dark journey riddled with substance and alcohol abuse. Faced with dying homeless on the streets, weighing 121 pounds with bones protruding from her chest, Marsha was rescued from her horrifying existence of humiliation, dereliction and degradation by going into treatment and getting help. With over 25 years clean from active drug and alcohol abuse, Marsha has built a decorated and impressive academic resume.

Marsha founded the H.U.G.S. Movement (Helping Us Grow Spiritually) to advocate appreciation of all humanity. H.U.G.S. is a call to action which encourages individuals to respect and appreciate all humanity through our words, actions and deeds. Marsha is committed to sharing her uplifting message in the hope of encouraging others to lead purpose driven lives and stand against discriminatory ideas and stereotypes that prevent people from living in fellowship with one another.

Marsha is also an active member in her community serving on various Boards and Advisory Committees focused on addressing issues impacting under-served communities and raising awareness through informative initiatives.

Appearances: Katie Couric’s Talk Show – “Katie”; MSNBC NewsNation with Tamron Hall; ABC-TV’s Primetime: “What Would You Do” with host John Quiñones; TV One Celebrity Crime Files Series – “Lady Gangster Stephanie St. Clair”; The National Action Network’s Youth Move Huddle – “So You Think You Know Me”; A Cause A Concern A Solution Network Inc. Symposium – “Diamond In The Rough – We Struggled But We Made It”; Fathers Incorporated Twitter Chat Panel – “Engaging Men in the Advocacy of the Prevention of Domestic Violence”; Agape Empowerment Ministries Panel – “Running with Purpose”; Binghamton University Skype Discussion – “What Would You Do? Intervention”; Darkwood Brew Interactive Web Television Program – “The Call to Embrace Failure”; Columbia University Teachers College Intervention Discussion – “Human and Social Dimension Peace Course”; La Maison d’Art Gallery Talk Panel – “Does Your Skin Define You? Understanding What It’s Like to Be In Her Skin”; A Queen’s Eye View Online Radio Talk Show – “See Something Say Something”

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