Anthony Sauders


Anthony Saunders is a producer and singer/songwriter with a limitless imagination. Saunders, a native of Kansas City, KS comes from a rich musical lineage dating back to the time of The Big Band movement. Anthony’s parents, both accomplished musicians in their own right, instilled in Anthony early on the value of musical excellence and encouraged him to develop his natural abilities through singing, writing, and playing various musical instruments.

After high school, Anthony embarked on his musical journey traveling cross-country to work with some of the nation’s best talent. He would happen to cross paths with artistic, writing, and production powerhouses from Atlanta to Los Angeles, Houston to New York and all in between. His experiences have set the foundation and now create a space for him to excel in major musical platform. His raw and innovative talent not only make him a force; given the space an opportunity, Anthony can become the standard.

A|S has an eclectic and polished musical arsenal. His musicianship is a triple threat that is inspired by legends such as Prince, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Michael Franks, Quincy Jones and Harry Connick, Jr. which become apparent when you listen to his music. His knowledge, familiarity and ability place him in a class all his own. Equipped with a holistic appreciation for music, has shaped Saunders into the musical brainchild he is today. “It’s not about just making a beat,” Saunders says. “It’s about true composition that paints a picture for the listener that will last forever.” Anthony’s commitment to studying and perfecting his craft shows in his distinct sound and the quality of his music. A|S, as he refers to himself musically, brings authentic talent, passion, and finally real purpose to the music industry in a way that approaches iconic. A|S will remind you of everything you miss most, something you’ve never known before and introduce you to a musical experience that you will always remember.

The Xtraodinair$ - Inside (feat Anthony Saunders)